While Pack 455 rocks, rocking isn't free. Each fall, two fundraising opportunities are offered that run concurrently: popcorn and wreaths. The popcorn sale is run through the Trails End App and Website (remember that we are Northern Star Council-->District O-->Pack 9455) while the evergreen sale runs on paper.

Your scout receives 30% of the value of their sales into their "Scout Account". The scout account is a spreadsheet maintained by the pack treasurer. This money can be used to pay dues, cover camping costs, or participate in Northern Star Council events.

Start Date

Friday, September 18th @ 5:00 pm

Sale Ends

Sunday, October 25th @ 11:59 pm

Orders Due to Popcorn Chair

Tuesday, October 27th

Order Pickup

Tuesday, November 17th

Three Ways to Sell!

Online Direct

Register at www.trails-end.com and share your scout’s link with friends and family. Great option with little to no contact. Larger product variety and scouts earn DOUBLE Reward Points. When the products are ordered, they will be delivered directly to their house! There will be certain weekends with Free Shipping to keep an eye out for!

Note we are:

Northern Star Council-->District O-->Pack 9455

Show and Sell
(Wagon Sales )

Sign out products so you can deliver the product at the time of the sale… no need to return to the deliver the product. Better yet, go back towards the end of the sale period. There’s good chance they finished their popcorn and may want to buy more!

Take Order

Use the app as you make the sale. Scouts will typically collect cash or check at time of sale. Return and deliver the product at the end of the sale (November). If you use the app and the customer pays by credit card, the scout earns 1.5X Reward Points!

Other Notes & Details

  • New this year: If all sales are recorded using the app (not paper), families can turn in cash sales (or if checks are made out to the parent) via credit card using the app.

  • If you are turning in checks or cash: Checks need to be made out to Cub Scout Pack 455. Keep fall popcorn sale fundraiser payments separate from evergreen money.

  • Show and Sell popcorn pickups can be arranged with the Popcorn Chair.

  • 30% of proceeds will directly to the Scout making the Sales. 10% of proceeds will go to Pack 455 to support activities.