Scout Uniform

Blue Uniform

Lions through Bear (Kindergarten through Third Grade)

Most Kids start off in the standard Blue Cub Scout Shirt. They can wear this through AOL (Cub Scout Graduation), but most switch to the Khaki, BSA shirt as a Webelo (Fourth Grade).

P455 does not require scouts to wear the official BSA Cub Scout Pants or the BSA Belt, however Belt Loop are given to scouts when they accomplish various activities throughout the year.

Neckerchief slider feel free to purchase a rank specific one, however a 'generic' BSA Slider is also appropriate if you don't want to buy one each year.

Rank Patches

Rank Patches go on the left pocket in the above pattern. If you get either the Lion diamond patch (shown above) or the rectangle patch, both can go under the larger diamond

Pack Patch

Pack Patch goes on the bottom right of the uniform. Save space to add circle segments.

Right Shoulder

American Flag on Top & Den Patch under

Khaki Shirt

Optional for Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts.

Many scouts choose to update their shirt to the Khaki Shirt when they achieve the rank of Webelos (4th Grade)