Join Pack 455


Pack 455 is a JTE Platinum Pack & National Summer Pack. We have approx. 80 scouts in grades K-5 traditionally from RedPine, Pinewood & Northview schools. We accept ALL interested youth (boys & girls)! We have been a part of the community for 20 years. We host pack camp outs in fall, winter and spring. During the school year, the pack meets once a month while dens meet 1-2 times per month. Plus, there are other pack activities year round. We were one of the first to pilot and welcome girls into scouting.

Join any time of the year!


2020 - 2021 - Total Annual dues are $260. $180 to be paid to Northern Star Council when you register and an additional $60 to Pack 455 to cover various expenses throughout the year. If you participate in all outings, Total Costs will be around $450.

Scout fundraising in Fall and Spring can cover all the costs.